Not quite fixing this beautiful old boat



not much to look at… but we are becoming friends. Cedar and Oak, and all i know is that she came from New England somewhere.

i know nothing about fixing boats… but by the end of this, i at least wont be able to say that anymore.

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2 Comments on “Not quite fixing this beautiful old boat

  1. Check the fastenings at end (bow and stern). Check to see of the wood is “spongy.” Poke it with an awl. Also, check for leaks at what is called the “garboard” plank – the very bottom plank where it the hull meets the keel. Leaks can happen there. Is it a double-ender (pointy on both ends) or is there a flat transom at the stern? Post more pics as you take them!

  2. Thanks Michael,

    The next post has some new pics. There is a little bit of spongy wood at the back under some old fiberglass i removed. ‘flat transom’ hurray! now i know what it’s called. Yes. it has one of those.

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